SA Government Printing

Need Government Annual Reports printed and have a really tight deadline, let us know where we can help. We have been supplying printing, copying and scanning services for SA Government Departments for nearly 15 years including and we offer a 30 day account to all SA Government departments. We presently provide full range of printing, copying, scanning, document services to the following department:

  • Department for Education & Child Development
  • Department for Environment, Water & Natural Resources
  • Department for Premier and Cabinet
  • Crown Solicitors Office
  • Department of Health
  • Department for Further Education, Employment, Science & Technology
  • Department for Families & Communities
  • Department for Manufacturing Innovation Trade MITRE
  • Workcover SA
  • Fairwork Ombudsman

We are also a preferred supplier for Federal Government departments including the ATO & Australian Government Solicitors Office.

We meet security and confidentiality standards and all staff including signing confidentiality agreements if required.

For further information on how we can assist your department, please let us know.